House of Design is a jewelry concept store founded by three women-owned brands: Lucky Culture, Yuka and Gufo. Together these brands have opened four House of Design stores in highly sought after locations across Istanbul: Kanyon Shopping Mall (2018), Zorlu Center Shopping Mall (2019), Bağdat Caddesi (2020), and the Nişantaşı district (2022). With both these stores and their prominent online presences, Lucky Culture, Yuka and Gufo have become nationally recognized brands.

We pride ourselves on the quality and authenticity of our designs and craftsmanship. All of the products in House of Design are designed by us and brought to life using our own craftsmen in the historical jewelry capital of the world, Sultanahmet and the Grand Bazaar, in the heart of Istanbul.

As a set of three brands, each with their own distinctive but complementary vision, our designs cater to an exceptionally wide range of styles, from mystic to modern, simple to sophisticated.